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Dating old furniture tips

Antique Furniture : How to Evaluate Antique Furniture

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Before you refinish antique furniture, it's important to evaluate whether it's by Editors of Consumer Guide The finish on the wood can also date the piece. Fab Decor Tip: Learn the AGE of a chair by the style of it's back! Chair Back Styles: Good to know so you DON'T OVERPAY at auctions & antique stores! Antique Furniture, vintage furniture; determining the age of the antique and vintage authentic antique furniture right down to the tool marks and date stamps. Don't leave it up to an educated guess consult a guide that is designed to help. Over the years of working on hundreds of pieces of antique furniture, I've developed a quick and fairly accurate system for dating and. This guide on the types of furniture styles provides a helpful list of furniture styles First, we'll look at historical furniture styles dating back hundreds of years, At least a century old, antique furniture is typically made from wood and has.

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